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Personalized & Trust

  • Consumer Focused-Personal-Discreet
  • Best OTC drugs matching the problem
  • Educates for possible Vitamins & Minerals deficiencies
  • Tip & more info
Pharma & VMS Companies

Pharma & VMS Companies

Marketing & Sales

  • Marketing & sales meet consumers' shopping cart
  • Ensure your products are always first on the consumer's list, promote!
  • First ever detailed consumer behavior
  • Business Information & Analytics insights
Pharmacy Chain

Pharmacy Chain

Extend beyond existing channels

  • Increasing conversion & cart value
  • Simple & Easy integration
  • Serve the consumers need
  • No labor costs & addresses labor-work shortage

Increase Conversion & Cart Value

Consumer Conversion

Focusing on the consumers' health & wellness, understanding their needs enables pharmacy chains to serve their consumers better, bottom line, increase sales & conversion.

Consumer Conversion

Consumer Actions

ApoWiser OTC & VMS connect the most suitable products to the consumer's shopping cart precisely when adding the product(s) to the shopping cart. It is perfectly designed and built for online & offline retail channels.

Consumer Actions

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